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Planting Seeds for Deliciousness for 2023 - Part 1

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Where do you do your best dreaming, thinking, hoping, planning?

In the office, in the studio, out in nature, in the car,

on the commute ... in the restroom! - Four Parts

Part 1

Do you make plans? Are you already planning for next year? Are you behind schedule, because you usually have the next year planned by Q4? Are you a planner? Or an 'it is what it is' planner? Are you stuck in plan mode or even dream mode - an over-thinker like me with just a little action?

I love living in the moment and simply being grateful for everyday! I am a day dreamer, a professional DREAMER at heart. It is my job, I absolutely love the positive side of pausing for the



'what would happen if...' or the

'could we...'!

Sometimes there's no time to dream. There's just the day to day grind that needs to take place. The Adulting part of life that is strictly unavoidable and necessary to hold everything together. Then when we allow ourselves, there appears to be tiny micro-moments to mentally get off of the hamster wheel, dream, smell the roses and breathe. These delicious quiet moments where the imagination nudges us and reminds us it needs to be fed.

How is your imagination?

Is it healthy and thriving?

Has it been neglected and barely alive?

---To Be Continued!

Part 2 - Coming soon!

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Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
Dec 05, 2022

Wonderfully well-written and thought provoking!

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