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Planting Seeds for Deliciousness for 2023 - Part 4/4

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Because I have dared to venture out from the hamster wheel, I learned to plan & schedule Dream time.

I know now, that I also have to plan and schedule the Action Taking Time.

Plan and work the plan, plan, dream, work - get refreshed and repeat.

To move on to the new dreams and actually get the accomplished, I need to schedule planning time - the hows, whats and whens as well as I have learned that I have to find the actual WHOs.

I can not do this all by myself (I have tried and it takes so long to wear all-the hats!)

I have learned (I am learning) to seek out help, to ask for help, to pay for that help because I want my dreams to come true.

I want to plan for the absolute best outcomes for the people I serve. My family, the events, my Livestream videos, my Fine Art Clients and now for the Members in my online Community that I've started because I allowed myself to dream and hope for more!

(Thank you for choosing me, by the way! - if you want to become a member,

click here to join me on Facebook: Paint Party Lovers Tips for New Painters)

-- wink, wink!

It is Legacy Time! It is time for discipline, focus and a plan that actually matches the dream! It is a lot of work, but make sure to schedule a bit of fun along the way!

What does that dash really mean for you right now, and in the future?

It is not easy, but I love this process, this execution stage. I am still working on the planning, but as I strap on my shoes today, heading for the Hamster Wheel, I smile secretly knowing I have planted seeds for brand new dreams that are slowly taking root. I know they will be soon be sprouting up!

"Hmmmmm...", she said, as she excitedly reached for her post it notes, paper and pen! Another dream is loading! Dream Seeds, Art Seeds, Joy Seeds --

Planning for The Harvest to be Bountiful, Beautiful & Delicious!


If you are a DREAMER or you KNOW some DREAMERS,

but know you need add some planning

in the mix to actually have that Dream come true,

join me on my journey. Better yet, invite me to join YOU on YOURS!

Join my group, YOUR group, OUR group of Dreamers!

Paint Party Lovers Tips for New Painters:

IF you or you know someone that has a PAINTING PASSION & always wanted to:

- learn how to paint, or you

- need some tips to help you make better paintings,

- you want to paint for Self-Care, fun and relaxation

my Official -----

Online Painting Membership will be launching mid January!

There will be several affordable price points, & bonuses for early action takers!

CLICK HERE >>> Join my email list today <<< & Grab Your Download


Watch your email for Founding Member Access:

- early bird pricing & exclusive bonuses

- doors will open in a few days!!

- so, sooo many Giveaways in my Art Studio!

- The Happy Mail form will be available soon as well!

You can find me online, here on my website and just about everywhere out here in these internet streets (everywhere except Snapchat--I never finished the account set-up for that one for some reason...)!

Can't catch all of the Online platforms, but I'm on quite a few...


Where can I find you?

Go Forth & Spread a little bit of#artjoy today! Make someone smile!

Here's the video from Saturday, December 17, 2022. Like, Share, Subscribe & Turn on Your NOTIFICATIONS!

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