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Planting Seeds for Deliciousness for 2023 - Part 2

Part 2

When I give myself permission to dream, my imagination is sparked and runs in overdrive mode. When this happens, it is like a dam being opened and the ideas flow out faster than my pen & paper can handle! I turn into a post it note Queen of the Scribble Land! Then it is time to set all things imaginative aside, to stop and go to work. ButI feel as though I have accomplished great and wonderful things after a Dream Capturing Session! Even though there is nothing to show for it except notebooks full of the scribbles.

The power of the pause is amazing. The stop, drop and pause of the

"Hmmmm... "

is so delicious to me! Dreaming is action to me! It is a workout of the mind and the hope muscle. I have my head in the clouds. This is fine as long as we don't stop there. I usually stop there. I stop right there. I put down the dreams and pick up the daily work schedule. I will admit, dreaming is the fun, glorious delicious part of life for me and the analytical side of creating an actual plan & strategy to actually accomplish the dreams is my weakness, my kryptonite, if you will. I get started, get some things done then real -life kicks back in and the dreams are always set aside. The Start, Stop, start and stop.... has taken me years to get to this point!

I am dreaming again -- but I do not want to set any more of my dreams aside!

What about you?

– Journal Grabbing Time!

What do you keep starting over and over again?

What are you thankful for that has gotten you to the successes you have experienced so far?

What are you going to set in place to finally go after the strategy to execute on all of the scribble dreams on the multi-colored post it notes in your journal? How are you planning for the next part of the Journey?

What do you need and what do you need to leave behind? – I am at the crossroads too!

Be on the out for Parts 3, 4 and the complete post -- Coming soon.

Find any typos -- just email or message me! lololol!!

No Painting, just 10 Announcements, updates and a snippet of changes for 2023!

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